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Super Kitchen Kits — Super Scrubbies (regular)

Super Scrubbies (regular)

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Price includes world-wide delivery by airmail.


Often called "the world's finest pot-scrubbers" or "Rainbow Scrubbies". Amazingly gentle and strong, they are 'scrubby' but not scratchy, ideal for cleaning stainless steel. These colorful little lovelies conform beautifully to the Thermomix bowl for a sparkling shine every time! 

10 regular scrubbers + 2 large scrubbers

  • Tough, powerful and GENTLE -- super for scrubbing Thermomix bowl and machine base too!
  • In the kitchen: safe for blenders, pots & pans, sinks, cast iron, enamel or ceramic stove tops, ovens, glassware, china, cutlery, glass shelving, countertops, cutting boards, stoneware. Great for removing coffee stains from cups, scrubbing potatoes, carrots , root vegetables, compost bucket, non-stick pans 
  • Cleans the bathroom: for porcelain sinks, tubs, showers. Removes hard water deposits from chrome, tile, and glass doors
  • Around the house: use to clean window screens, old plant pots, garden tools, BBQ racks, grills. 
  • Body care: smoothes rough heels and calluses,  cleans dirt and paint from hands
  • Multi-coloured stripes! Slight imperfections add to their individual 'rustic' personalities ;-)
  • see the video for demo and more info
  • see also tips about caring for scrubbies
  • as always, global shipping is included  

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