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News: You can now buy Thermomix in USA!

Posted by Helene Meurer on December 19, 2015 0 Comments

Great news for home cooks in America -- it's now possible to buy Thermomix in USA!

Thermomix -- the benchmark-setting European kitchen appliance that has eluded American cooks for  decades-- is now available in USA. Built by Vorwerk in Germany and France since the early 1970's, Thermomix is known around the world as a super kitchen machine. (In countries such as Italy and Portugal, it also bears the name "Bimby".) 

In 2014 Vorwerk revolutionized global kitchens by adding digital functionality to its flagship appliance. The new Thermomix TM5 model features touchscreen technology for automated cooking, guided cooking, and downloading of recipes directly to the appliance. There are valid reasons for calling Thermomix "the iPhone of the kitchen".

Here at SuperKitchenKits.com we specialize in offering a small range of products designed to fit best with the needs of cooks using Thermomix in USA and around the world. (But our tools work equally well for friends with other thermal blenders and high-speed blenders.)

Don't yet own a Thermomix and want to know more?  

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Thermomix Christmas Recipes & Tips!

Posted by Helene Meurer on November 17, 2015 0 Comments

Get inspired for a yummy Thermomix Christmas on Pinterest !

For people who love cooking with Thermomix, there's no better time than November/December. The holiday season gives us license to mix up all sorts of treats: sweets, savouries, baked goods, gourmet condiments, and so much more. Let's face it, though the word "Christmas" might make us groan in November, we're secretly planning and prepping for the "kitchen time" we love most of all. Thermomix helps us to pull of the big days ahead with flair and efficiency. Is there anyone more productive than a Thermomix owner at Christmas time???

Follow Thermomix (Super Kitchen Machine)'s board Thermomix Christmas on Pinterest.

Click for even more Thermomix Christmas recipes 
-- plus tips and comments by Thermomix cooks around the world. 
(People just like us who love to make and give from our home kitchens)

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Bulk pack scrubbies on SALE, just in time for....

Posted by Helene Meurer on October 26, 2015 0 Comments

in time for Christmas gifting! 
Yes it's true -- this best-selling "gifting size" bundle of scrubbies is now on sale for a limited time only.

Think of this as our way of helping you get ready for Christmas. Why? Cuz these super little scrubbies are the world's fave way of cleaning the gorgeous stainless steel Thermomix bowl, (so much more around the home.) 

Super Scrubbies for stainless steel

Our customers have made this bulk package of Super Scrubbies the best-selling kit in this shop, so we're now saying THANK YOU, by putting this kit on sale in time for Christmas gifting.

Think of scrubbies as an inexpensive and much-appreciated gift ideal for stocking stuffers, for sending in Christmas cards, for using as hostess gift, or for teachers, coaches, and anyone with a kitchen.

This is the world's finest pot scrubber, also known as the euro scrubby -- not just for Thermomix fans, our kits are enjoyed around the world and remember -- shipping is free!

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Thermomix users around the world enjoy Kitchen Kits!

Posted by Helene Meurer on March 22, 2015 0 Comments

This shop sends kits to almost every country where Thermomix is sold. But it's not every day we get thanked like this!

Wow, what a fun "thank you" photo to receive from a happy Kitchen Kit shopper in France. Thermomix TM5 owner Michel was so happy at the arrival of his Flex Spatula Kit, that he sent a photo to say "merci" :)   

Thermomix TM5 accessories

Well this photo just made our day, so we say a big MERCI, right back at you Michel -- and happy mixing!

ps - if you have a happy Kitchen Kit user photo to share, please send it to helene@superkitchenmachine.com or post it to our facebook page :)

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Flex spatula tips for making Thermomix egg noodles recipe

Posted by Helene Meurer on February 26, 2015 0 Comments

Did you know? The wider new flex spatula from SuperKitchenKits.com is the ideal tool for making perfect little spaetzle (Thermomix egg nooles.) 

The super wide silicone paddle of the "Flex Spatula" makes for easier, more efficient spreading of noodle batter through a sieve or Thermomix varoma tray.

Thermomix egg noodles recipe

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Happy news! AU dollar almost at par, good time to shop accessories for Thermomix kitchens!

Posted by Helene Meurer on January 12, 2014 0 Comments

Wow - the Australian dollar is almost on par with the Canadian dollar! 

Thermomix accessoriesNo matter which way you view it, when the AU dollar and Canadian dollar are at par, it's a very good time to buy
Thermomix accessories

Have you seen the new spatula sampler recommended for TM5 users? Do you know someone with a Thermomix TM5 or TM31? Now is a great time to tell them about this shop! (please share this post with a friend to help them save while the exchange rate is good)

Australian-based Thermomix fans have enjoyed shopping for Kitchen Kits since day one. (Thank you!) For this reason, the Kitchen Kit shop strives to counter currency fluctuations by close monitoring and improving prices wherever possible. Right now the Aussie dollar is doing very well against this shop's Canadian currency so it's a win-win for everyone. The Aussie dollar has not been this strong since early November!

Look at this!
We're all so happy to see things improve for Australian Thermomix friends who shop here.

At time of this posting (Feb 22, 2015) the AU$ and Canadian dollar are only about one penny apart. The graph below shows the improvement of the Australian dollar against the Canadian dollar (http://aud.fx-exchange.com/cad/) 

Thermomix accessories exchange rate for AU dollar

Note: Current exchange rate means it's also good for friends in USA and Europe to shop here this week ;-) Click to see our most popular Thermomix accessories now >>

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Order now for Christmas giving!

Posted by Helene Meurer on November 23, 2014 0 Comments

Don't wait till the last minute! -- It's fun to give Kitchen Kits for Christmas and to use some of these Thermomix accessories as stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and for putting into envelopes with Christmas cards. But it's always best when things arrive in good time for Christmas preparations.

This shop ships internationally at no additional cost to you but these are busy times so here then are some guidelines and "best before" dates for those who plan to receive orders before Christmas:

Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand:
depending on your exact location, orders can take 10-25 days to arrive. Best to order before December 3. Orders placed between December 3-8 may or may not arrive in time.

UK, Spain, France: 
depending on your location in these areas orders can take 7-20 days to arrive, so best to order before December 3. Orders placed between December 4-10 may or may not arrive in time.

Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Chile
depending on your location in these areas orders can take 10-28 days to arrive, so best to order before December 3. Orders placed between December 4-10 may or may not arrive in time.

USA and Canada
orders can take 5-13 days to arrive, so best to order before December 8. Orders placed between December 9-14 may or may not arrive in time.

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MixedWords puzzle

Posted by Helene Meurer on November 09, 2014 0 Comments

How well do you know your Thermomix?
Lets find out by playing a fun little puzzle about TM5 and TM31!

Print this page to share the puzzle offline.

Need help? There's a link to the solution below the puzzle. 
Or, for even more fun, play the interactive version, at http://SuperKitchenMachine.com 

MixedWords for Thermomix fans
a bit of fun by Helene at SuperKitchenMachine.com
(please link back when sharing, thanks!)

1 2 3 4
  5 6                 7
8                 9
    10   11      
12     13                  
  17   18 19   20         21
22 23                      
            24                 25
      26     27      
  28 29               30            
33   34 35      
    37           38 39   40    
      41   42       43    
  44           45                


  1. you don't need a spoon for this popular breakfast
  2. how fast can you go?
  3. popular nickname for TMX
  4. TMX often spotted in this studio
  5. how to mix without chopping
  6. tells if its heavy or light
  7. super tools for cleaning the bowl
  8. Who to ask for advice
  9. one head office location
  10. veg for red salad
  11. top level heat
  12. most prolific cookbook authour
  13. steel type, used in jug
  14. helps with sticky baking jobs
  15. most used fruit in the TMX?
  16. we use it for simmering
  17. number of feet on a TM5
  18. "Wow, I just made my own ______!"
  19. this insect is welcome in the jug
  20. one in five households here has a TMX
  21. perhaps an odd way of cooking...
  22. online recipe gathering place
  23. a country where TMX is made
  24. use chicken or veg to make this type of paste with TMX
  25. TM5 makes this itself while we sleep


  1. Motherland of TMX
  2. first & largest bunch of english-speaking TMX fans is "The ______."
  3. she makes TMX podcasts with her husband...
  4. comforting eggy dessert
  5. maker's name
  6. add this to improve texture of icy treats... (two words)
  7. professional TMX users
  8. highly desirable thermal holder
  9. party with TMX food
  10. We fit 2.2 of these in a TMX bowl
  11. something we all knead
  12. set this first
  13. smooth, hot and so easy to make with TMX
  14. a speed not to exceed when whipping
  15. super spatulas are made of this
  16. yes, you can steam this bird in a TMX!
  17. colourful new addition to TM5
  18. popular TMX blog (abbrev.)
  19. blog seal of approval (three words)
  20. Use grains to make your own with TMX
  21. four that spin
  22. this cup fits in the lid
  23. specialty rice dish enjoyed around the world
  24. a TMX in Portugal
  25. best loved kitchen machine
  26. a tiny place for recipes
  27. annual gathering of friendliest TMX fans (Australia)


Visit the blog at SuperKitchenMachine or shop for Thermo accessories at SuperKitchenKits.com .

This crossword puzzle was created by Helene with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!

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Three ways to buy Super Scrubbies

Posted by Helene Meurer on August 02, 2014 0 Comments

Super scrubbies have become so popular that people come here to buy them from around the world. For this reason we've added a new style (medium, thicker) and some new kit formats to this popular range of kitchen helpers.

Not sure which type of scrubby is right for you?
Check out the details on our scrubbies options


Size Thickness, strength  size (cm) Designs Best for  
SMALL thinner, lightweight,
more supple
"World's Best Pot Scrubber" or "Rainbow Scrubbies"
15 x 12 random stripes Thermomix & other household cleaning order
MEDIUM thicker, heavy duty,
slightly rigid
"Euro Scrubbies"
16 x 13 mixed patterns and stripes most household cleaning tasks order
LARGE thinner, lightweight,
more supple
23 x 15 random stripes Thermomix & other household cleaning SORRY

click to see all scrubbies

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NEW: Thicker medium-size scrubbies are now in store!

Posted by Helene Meurer on July 29, 2014 0 Comments

Because EVERYONE loves using scrubbies so much, we've added a new type of scrubby (pot scrubber) to the range of kitchen kits. 

World's finest pot scrubber

In a hurry? See it now right here
The new medium size super scrubby is slightly larger and also thicker than the original "small" rainbow scrubby we have come to know and love. And because they are thicker, they're a little more heavy-duty, best used for all those house cleaning jobs we do when we're not busy cooking with Thermomix. 

Today these new medium-size, thicker super scrubbies are available bundled as a kit of seven, or in the Deluxe Mixer Kit.

Watch for more info and an additional new kits coming very soon...


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