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Super Kitchen Kits — Best exchange rate means lower pricing for Thermomix spatula and cleaning kits - shop now!


Today's exchange means lower prices to Australia, Europe, USA - order now!

Posted by Helene Meurer on March 18, 2014 0 Comments

Wow - this week's exchange rate helps Thermomix friends in Australia, Europe & USA who shop for kitchen kits!

The Canadian dollar is weak, but this is good news to Thermomix fans in Australia, Europe and USA.
Your currency is stronger than ours which means prices are lower than they've been in MONTHS! It's a super time to shop for Thermomix accessories in the Kitchen Kit store. (The exchange rate hasn't been this good since May 2013.)

Friendly Tip:
Do you know a new Thermomix owner? Now is a great time to tell them about this shop!


WOW - check out these exchange rates!

A strong AU$ means lower prices in this shop. 

The AU dollar is now higher than the Canadian dollar. 
(This means you pay less when shopping for kitchen kits!)


Likewise, the Euro is stronger than it's been in months.
The rising Euro indicates better prices for Europeans
who shop here for Kitchen Kits.


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