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Super Kitchen Kits — Thermomix Christmas gift idea: limited edition tea towels


Limited-edition tea towels for Thermomix kitchens... here until they're gone!

Posted by Helene Meurer on July 06, 2014 0 Comments

That's right, these limited-edition tea towels are now in store but won't last forever. This specialty item is designed for those who plan ahead for gifting season.... keep reading to see what makes these tea towels a wise buy for Thermo-savvy gift-givers.

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Why buy Thermomix-friendly tea towels now??

  • The time is right to prepare ahead. These make great hostess gifts or stocking stuffers. Buy now to share later. 
  • Large, high-quality, 100% cotton tea towels are designed to impress, these are not cheap, and they're not small. (77cm x 47cm) They are as close to linen as cotton can get -- tough, lint-free, and long-lasting. Made in Canada with care and attention to detail. Printed in Canada too, with high quality inks.
  • There is no "branding", text, logo, message, or website printed alongside the image. Why? Because they're not designed to promote a brand or blog, but to celebrate our love of the machine. Unless of course you want to add your own custom "message" .... (see next point!) This way they can be used and shared by Thermomix fans in all countries ;-)
  • There is plenty of space to add your own message if you like. Add your phone number or email address so the recipient has quick access to your contact details. Or, add a brief recipe when gifting to a new Therrmomix owner. (You can do this with a high-quality permanent fabric marker.)

Click to order now and tick something off your Christmas list early. 

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