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Super Kitchen Kits — NEW scrubbies pot-scrubbers are now in store!


NEW: Thicker medium-size scrubbies are now in store!

Posted by Helene Meurer on July 29, 2014 0 Comments

Because EVERYONE loves using scrubbies so much, we've added a new type of scrubby (pot scrubber) to the range of kitchen kits. 

World's finest pot scrubber

In a hurry? See it now right here
The new medium size super scrubby is slightly larger and also thicker than the original "small" rainbow scrubby we have come to know and love. And because they are thicker, they're a little more heavy-duty, best used for all those house cleaning jobs we do when we're not busy cooking with Thermomix. 

Today these new medium-size, thicker super scrubbies are available bundled as a kit of seven, or in the Deluxe Mixer Kit.

Watch for more info and an additional new kits coming very soon...


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