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Super Kitchen Kits — New Stock Selling FAST


New Stock Selling FAST

Posted by Helene Meurer on February 01, 2012 0 Comments

I have to apologize in advance to the many dedicated Thermomix fans who may be disappointed yet again by the overwhelming response to these Kitchen Kits. The new supply of kits that arrived Feb 2 may not be quite enough to satisfy all those who asked for "notify me" reminders.  

If you returned here after receiving the email notice, only to find the kit you wanted is sold out... that's not a mistake. They came in and some kits have already sold out again. This has been a bit of a reality check for the new kit shop and I've done everything in my power to secure enough kits with the next order to prevent disappointment for us all. I appreciate your patience as we wait for the next shipment.

Also, because the supply of brushes was shorted, there a few extras left over and these too have been made available. Until they run out, there is a limited quantity of "brushless kits" that I'm calling the "Lonely Spatulas Kit". This should help ease the disappointment, as we all wait for the HUGE shipment to arrive later in February.

Thanks again,

ThermomixBlogger Helene

ps - I love your enthusiasm! Quite gobsmacked here are the number of people who ordered within minutes of the "back in stock" notice being sent. I am tickled to have such keen Thermomix fans following the blog ;-)

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