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Update for Thermomix fans wanting Kitchen Kits!

Posted by Helene Meurer on March 10, 2012 0 Comments

Again, thanks to everyone for your patience while brushes were out of stock. Due to frustrating experience with the previous supplier, things took longer than expected. I'm now VERY happy to say the big order of brushes has landed and is about to clear customs. Soon they will be in the store, and at which time an announcement will be made. (Expect all kits back in stock in about 4 days from now -- about March 15, 2012)

First to hear about it will be the hundreds of people who registered and are patiently waiting for "notify me" announcements. Yes, you will receive an email as soon as the brushes are in the building! (If you haven't asked for notification, here's more info about how it works.)

Brush sale for Thermomix fansCelebrating with a sale!

Nobody is more happy to see the return of brushes than me. Phew! The stress of dealing with an unreliable supplier was not fun. Now it's time to celebrate. How better to do that than with a sale?! Yes -- I've already marked $5 off the price of the Demonstrator's Dozen Brush Kit so the very moment these wee brushes arrive, your patience will be rewarded with a discount. Instead of $50, this kit will be $45 until further notice. I hope this makes you as happy as it makes me ;-) (If so, please tell friends!)

ps - if you would like to receive an email when the Demonstrator's Dozen Brush Kit is back in stock, see this page.

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