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Super Kitchen Kits — Free Thermomix Recipe Cookbook giveaway draw.


NEW Thermomix Cookbook giveaway for a lucky customer!

Posted by Helene Meurer on April 08, 2012 0 Comments

That's right -- your spatula purchase could be your ticket to win a new Thermomix cookbook!

The Kitchen Kit shop is giving away a copy of the NEW Thermomix cookbook "Best of our Recipe Communities" to one lucky customer! 

Here's the fun part! -- The winner's name will be chosen from those who have left a review in the store. Your chances are very good to win because not too many people have left reviews ;-)

How to do it? Find the page for page for the kit you bought. (Pick your kit here). Once you're on the kit's page, look directly below the product photos -- you'll see a place to leave reviews. 

When is the draw? May 15, 2010. That should be enough time for you to order, receive, and use your kit so you know what to say about it.

Thanks for supporting this little shop. It's been fun 'meeting' and sharing spatulas and brushes with  Thermomix fans around the world. (I love discovering all the places on the planet where people love the super kitchen machine as much as I do!) With this book giveaway we share some of the best personal recipes from friends in the official online recipe communities.

Have fun!
ThermomixBlogger Helene

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