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Super Kitchen Kits — Beste Spatel fur Thermomix Freunde in Deutschland


Gute Nachrichten für Freunde in Deutschland!

Posted by Helene Meurer on June 22, 2012 0 Comments


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 Vielen Dank an Jule, die mir mit der Übersetzung geholfen hat. :)


 Good news for friends in Germany!

This shop sends spatulas to Thermomix friends in all countries, but sadly, the German postal system has been slow and problematic for deliveries. Also, some friends in Germany were asked to pay an additional import tax, while others were not (!). In the past, this situation has caused frustration here at the shop and also for loyal German customers who simply want to have the spatula kits :(

But now things are improved! Previous delays were caused at the German customs offices so a smaller kit has been developed with a customs value ($26.75 CDN) which is below the VAT minimum. German friends are now enjoying faster delivery times and while avoiding the Umsatz-/Mehrwertsteuer tax charge. 

Best way for fast and easy delivery to Germany is to order the "Super Spatula Kit (fur Deutschland)". Developed for easier ordering for Germany, but can be ordered by anyone, anywhere!

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