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Super Kitchen Kits — Super Scrubbies (Rainbow Scrubbies) care and cleaning tips


Super Scrubbies care and cleaning tips

Posted by Helene Meurer on November 15, 2012 0 Comments

Everyone loves the Super Scrubbies and we all want to make them last as long as possible. People often ask "How long do they last?" and "how do I clean my scrubbies?", so let's talk about this now.

Super Scrubbies Rainbow PotscrubberHow long will the Super Scrubbies last?
There isn't a single answer to this question because everyone uses the scrubbies in different ways. Some people use the scrubbies only for cleaning the Thermomix bowl -- as the perfectly-fitting Thermomix-friendly accessory that they are. And some people use these as all-round pot-scrubbers for washing dishes, cleaning sinks, tubs, showers and more.

Depending on use, these rustic cloth scrubbers can last anywhere up to... well... I've had reports from two people who each made their favourite scrubbies last more than a year. (In both cases the scrubbies had been received as gifts and those people didn't know where to find more.) They hung on to those scrubbies dearly and refused to let go, even when the scrubbies were well past their prime! My own scrubbies last weeks, even months at the kitchen sink, but if I use them to wash the car etc, I toss them out soon after.

How to clean scrubbies to make them look good for longer?
Some customers at the Kitchen Kit shop have been washing scrubbies in the dishwasher. And some people add them to the laundry to wash along with jeans etc. (There's been one report of shrinkage using this method though...) One friend had great success with soaking a striped scrubby overnight in a bowl of water with a spoonful of liquid bleach added. This revives the colours very well but I don't recommend doing it too often as the bleach could break down the fibers over time.

Squeeze to dry
As a habit, I always squeeze the scrubby tightly in my fist and hang over the tap to dry between uses. This reduces the moisture held by scrubbies and helps them remain as 'fresh' as possible.

How do you do it?
If you have ideas for using and/or caring for scrubbies, please leave a comment in the section for "customer reviews", on this page or on the (SuperKitchenMachine) facebook page.

Thanks for ordering Super Scrubbies!
-- Thermomixblogger Helene

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