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Super Kitchen Kits — Worlds finest pot scrubber large, rainbow stripes


Super Scrubbies LARGE kit now available!

Posted by Helene Meurer on November 25, 2012 0 Comments

You asked for it -- the kit with more large Super Scrubbies is now here! 

Super Scrubbies for cleaning Thermomix bowl

The large Super Scrubby is fast gaining in popularity. Some people prefer these to the regular size and have asked for a way to buy more LARGE scrubbies. So... a new kit has been assembled just for you. 

And according to the Canada Post weight limits there was just enough room to add one regular scrubby into this parcel. So that's why there's a lonely (regular) scrubby bundled with 8 large scrubbies. 

Also known as "The World's Finest Pot Scrubbers", these rustic household helpers from Poland are now popular around the world. Save this lot in your secret Scrubbies hiding place...  or pass them out and share them with friends. 

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