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Super Kitchen Kits — Authorized distributor of Kribbitt iPad tablet stands to Australia


Who is THE distributor of popular Kribbitt iPad tablet stand to Australia?

Posted by Helene Meurer on July 23, 2013 0 Comments

Kribbitt ipad tablet stand for kitchen

We are! Yes, that's right -- this Kitchen Kit shop is the sole authorized agent for all sales of the Kribbitt tablet stand to Australia and New Zealand. (We also send Kribbitts world-wide to other countries with shipping included, of course!)

What does this mean?
It means that whether you want to order one Kribbitt or more, this is the place to shop!

It means the inventor of the Kribbitt believes in the quality of service offered by this shop and has entrusted the Kitchen Kit shop at SuperKitchenMachine.com with handling all sales to Australia. (Gulp!)

More good news!
There are discounts in place for people who want to buy Kribbitts to share and these provide a great saving, no matter where in the world you live. Discounts apply when you buy three Kribbitts or more, and it's okay to mix colours. You'll see the discounted pricing on the checkout page after choosing your three Kribbits or more. Go nuts! Have a Kribbitt party!

People are asking for this popular iPad stand and... 
those who visit the inventor's website at Kribbitt.com to inquire about buying a Kribbitt from/for Australia will be redirected to this Kitchen Kit shop for more info. As the Kribbitt becomes more used, more loved, and more shared with friends around the world there have been more questions about where to buy it in Australia and elsewhere. Now you know! (If buying Kribbitt in Canada or USA, contact the inventor at Kribbitt.com)

Coming soon to a store near you?
Kribbitt is now stocked by VIVA Books in Busselton, Western Australia.
As more stockists participate in offering the Kribbitt outside Canada, we'll add their names here.

> Interested in buying Kribbitts for resale?
Please contact Helene Meurer by clicking here.



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