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Super Kitchen Kits — Thermomix Lover's cleaning kit with scrubbies, spatula

Thermomix Lover's Kit

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Updated in February 2016!  

For cooks who love Thermomix and use it often. This kit now contains:

2 super flex spatulas: 

  • A larger, wider spatula for the larger bowl of Thermomix TM5. Top quality spatula that combines the best of two designs: a firm easy-grip handle and rigid core give strength and stability while the thinner flexible edges and wide surface area of this spatula make it easy to glide around the TM bowl to clear and scoop out contents. Great for lifting delicate fish from the Varoma too! Angled tip for easy removal of food from where the seal meets the lid of TM5. You will soon find yourself using this super spatula for making Thermomix egg noodles omelets, pancakes, serving fish, pizza, and removing sticky baked baked goods from baking and cake trays. Dishwasher safe.

    The flex spatula can be used in all Thermomix kitchens but is recommended as best-fitting Thermomix TM5 due to its larger size. 
    Tip! to prolong the life of this flexible spatula, clockwise motion is recommended -- this avoids contact with the sharper TM blade edges.

5 Super Scrubbies (popular small size)

  • Best-loved pot scrubber for stainless steel. Gives a sparkling clean bowl every time! (read reviews from other Thermomix fans)
  • Tough, powerful and GENTLE -- ideal for Thermomix bowl.
  • Rustic and irregular multi-color stripes, each one is different! See details on video. (Hand-made in Poland)
  • In the kitchen: safe for blenders, pots & pans, sinks, cast iron, enamel or ceramic stove tops, ovens, glassware, china, cutlery, glass shelving, countertops, cutting boards, stoneware. Great for removing coffee stains from cups, scrubbing potatoes, carrots, root vegetables, compost bucket, non-stick pans
  • Also popular for cleaning bathrooms, around the house, and for body care. 
  • Approximate size is 15cm x 12cm (see more info about sizes)

2 great little cleaning brushes

  • Double-ended design for specialty uses
  • Tube tip is perfect fit for under/between Thermomix blades
  • Tapered tip is perfect for cleaning nooks and crannies in Thermomix base 
  • see more details on the scrubbies video
  • Overall length: 15 cm

1 vintage "Thumbs Up Thermie" tea towel 

  • high quality 100% cotton, highly absorbent, virtually lint-free, made in Canada
  • Use it to dry the dishes or polish up the Thermie. But there's more: makes a great "wrapper" for home-baked bread or gourmet treats, pin a ribbon to the top corners and turn it into an apron or bib, use as wrapping paper when gifting a Thermomix cookbook or just buy now and save it for next Mother's Day...
  • size is 77cm x 47cm. (76cm x 46cm after washing in warm water)
  • cool or warm water wash is recommended for longer life of this professionally silk-screened print

    --> Thermomix friends in Germany and Belgium: see this page about Mehrvertsteuer customs/duties. UK residents please note --> you may incur international landing charges on delivery. 

    All kit prices include world-wide airmail shipping.
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