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Super Kitchen Kits — shipping-included

global shipping included

Yes - global shipping is included in all kit prices...
but what does this mean?

It means the cost of shipping is pre-calculated into the price of each kit. Customers still "pay" for shipping, but that charge is included in the kit's price. There are no shipping charges added at checkout. 

"Shipping included" does NOT mean your order is exempt from VAT!
Some countries (Germany, Belgium and UK, this means you) charge import tax. If you live in Germany, Belgium or UK please read this page and this page before ordering. Update September 2013 for UK. We do NOT recommend you order from the UK because there may be an "International Import charge applied!)

What's the difference between "shipping included" and "free shipping"?
With "shipping included" the price you see for each kit includes the cost of the spatulas, brushes, AND shipping. For basic kits of about 2 spatulas with brushes, the shipping/postage is $8-10 CDN, depending on where you live. so if you subtract that from the product price shown, it's easy to figure the approximate price of the kit's actual contents. For bigger kits the postage charge is $18 - $35, so prices reflect these higher postage charges.

Why is shipping included?
The aim of this shop is to make it easier for Thermomix fans around the world to get better tools in hand to have even more fun with Thermomix. (Strange as it may sound, ThermomixBlogger Helene is more interested in "making fun" than making money!) Because SuperKitchenMachine is a popular blog for readers in many countries, it makes life simpler for EVERYONE if there is one price shown that works for everyone, so there is no guessing about what shipping charges will be added at checkout.  

For more information about shipping,
type of shipping used, expected delivery times etc,
please see here >