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Super Kitchen Kits — Shipping is included for Super Spatula Kits for Thermomix Kitchens

global shippping info

  • All prices include shipping (by AIRMAIL) -- no matter where you live.
    This is because each kit's contents are purposely combined for best international shipping rates. (If we were to mix and match products, the shipping would cost too much!) This does not mean the shipping is free. You pay for shipping, but it's already calculated into the kit's price. (So there is no additional shipping charge added at checkout.)
  • Customs/duties are not included. Is this you?
    Are you in Germany, UK, Belgium, Norway or Denmark? Some countries apply duty charges to imported products and these are the responsibility of the buyer. In Germany the Mehrvertsteuer is charged on orders of more than 22 Euros in value. To avoid customs charges in Germany see here. Update September 2013: very sorry to advise customers in the UK NOT to order, but instead to shop in your own country. This is because there is now an "international import charge" that may be applied, making the cost disproportionate for parcels entering the UK.
  • "How long does it take to receive my spatula kit?"
    All kits are shipped by Canada Post (Airmail) from Victoria, BC, Canada. This is on the west coast of Canada, so depending on where in the world you live, delivery can take 1-5 weeks. Spatulas have arrived in to Ireland, New Zealand, and France in 3-4 days (!) but this is exceptional. Some orders to Germany have needed 4-5 weeks to clear customs! Delivery times depend on the postal system of the country receiving the order.

    The following are general guidelines:
    En España? Entrega necesita alrededor de 2-5 semanas.
    Australia, UK, Malaysia can expect delivery in about 10-35 days.
    Etes-vous en France? Attendez-vous à ce colis dans environ 9 - 28 jours.
    In Deutschland? Bitte erwarten Sie Ihr Paket in 2-6 Wochen an.
    Em Portugal? Espere entregar em 2-5 semanas.

  • Shipping to a Canadian address?
    Shipping within Canada is of course faster than international. For Canadian orders, the price includes all taxes. Yes, we absorb the tax on Canadian orders! The prices you see when ordering within Canada include shipping and taxes.