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Super Kitchen Kits — Info about Thermomix accessories, spatulas and scrubbies

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  1. Why are you selling spatulas... I thought Thermomix came with a spatula included?
    Absolutely -- Thermomix comes with a great spatula! The Super Spatula sold here is not intended to replace the Thermomix spatula. Think of the Super Spatula as a highly desirable add-on. It is  intended to be used when making sorbets. Likewise, you can't use this spatula for removing the basket from the Thermomix bowl. Super spatulas are perfect for removing food from the bowl swiftly and efficiently. One Thermomix fan in Australia has already written to say: "I couldn't believe it --this spatula licked the TMX bowl so clean that there was nothing left for me to dip my finger into :( "

  2. Why can't I order just one spatula?
    The cost of shipping just one spatula is crazy high. The shipping cost for two is the same as for one. so it just doesn't make sense to just send one. I'd have to charge a ridiculous price and that just wouldn't be fun for anyone. By bundling products into kits based on shipping weight we (that's you the buyer, and me the seller) take advantage of best shipping prices so that everyone is happy.
  3. Why do I have to buy a kit?
    The kits are because I, ThermomixBlogger Helene have tested these products since 2009 and I know them to be excellent. I trust you will feel the same as I do. You will be glad to have more than one because you will love these tools so much and they will be CONSTANTLY in use... just like your Thermomix. You'll be glad to have a clean one when the other one is dirty. And when one of them starts to wear out, you'll still have the other.

    In order to make it affordable for Thermomix fans around the world to order super spatulas, brushes and scrubbies, these items must meet postal (weight) restrictions and regulations. To sell them one at a time simply doesn't make sense for anyone. Shipping rates (both domestic and international) are so high, the tools had to be bundled in kit format or it would not be possible to sell these at all. For more information about shipping, see here.
  4. How long will the spatula, brushes, and scrubbies last?
    Depending on use, each spatula should last about 12-24 months. If you are careful, it will last longer but I have found that I use this spatula so much that eventually the smooth edge of the spatula begins to show a bit of wear. The life of your spatula will also depend on how often it's used for stovetop cooking and other applications. See here for more about spatula care. Brushes will last a long time, but again, if doing a lot of baking and cleaning sticky dough from under blades more often, this reduces their life-span. For here for tips about caring and cleaning Super Scrubbies.
  5.  I want MORE... is there a way to order larger quantities and/or get a bulk discount?
    All the bulk kits in this shop already show volume discounts. So, for example -- if you buy the Demonstrator's Dozen (12 brushes) you are paying quite a bit less per brush, than if you buy them in another kit.
  6. I love this idea! Will you be adding other products to your kits?
    New products (Super Scrubbies and Mixer Stickers) were added in August/September 2012 and nut milk bags were added in 2013. Be the first to hear about new products by subscribing to the news feed here, or by following the mother blog at SuperKitchenMachine here. Or, just follow on facebook!

    The plan is not to add too many more products because global shipping rates make this a challenging endeavor. By keeping kits small and affordable the shop operates as a "service" to share great tools with like-minded Thermomix fans.