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Super Kitchen Kits — Super Spatula for Thermomix Kitchen Machines

how to make it last!


Q: How long will the spatula and brushes last?

A: Depending on use, each spatula should last about 6-18 months in a Thermomix kitchen. The very thing that makes this spatula so useful (thin, long, not too stiff and not too flexible) also makes it susceptible to wear. 


Q: How can I make it last longer?

A: Pay attention while using it and it will last longer! People who love them find that they soon start using this spatula for everything in the kitchen. Eventually the smooth edge of the spatula will start to show a bit of wear. This is mostly due to the fact that it comes in contact with sharp Thermomix blades. Just be mindful when putting it in the dishwasher. If kids are using this spatula in the Thermomix, remember to share this info... give them directions for avoiding the blades.

The life of your spatula will also depend on how often it's used for stovetop cooking and other applications. 


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